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BEYOND 4 – Distributed scanning

Distributed Scanning is a new technology we include inside of BEYOND laser show software, that allows you to project incredibly complex laser graphics, logos and text, across multiple laser show projectors. When using Distributed Scanning, BEYOND automatically calculates the number of points in the projected image, and splits that content up across all the laser show projectors in your setup.

In this tutorial series made by Pieterjan Ruysch, you will learn how to use our the BEYOND 4.0 laser show software, and the new Distributed Scanning feature. Allowing you to product incredibly high resolution laser graphics, laser logos, and laser text, from multiple laser show projectors.  one image through multiple lasers.

Distributed scanning is only available in BEYOND 4.0 and up, and it requires the use of the new FB4 hardware.

During the video there are references to the following videos:

BEYOND 4.0 – Multimedia Mixdown

With the new BEYOND 4.0 laser show software update, you will now be able to export an AVI file, directly from the timeline.

This is a great tool to use as a preview of what a laser show or multimedia show might look like.

You can also share the file with clients, or potential customers as you see fit.

In our latest tutorial, Mike Dunn shows you some in-depth examples on how to use BEYOND 4.0’s new Multimedia Mixdown function. Check it out!

Pangolin laser light software at Carnegie Science Center Pittsburgh

Since the openening of the Carnegie Science Center in the early 90th, people from around the globe recognize the name and reputation of Carnegie Science Center, its traveling exhibits, and planetarium shows.

It is so impressing that former visitors to the Buhl and Carnegie Science Center tell of the experiences that inspired them to become scientists, educators, entrepreneurs… even astronauts and Olympic athletes!

Located at the 2nd floor, the roboworld®, is the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibition! Roboworld highlights the amazing technology that enables robots to sense, think, and act.

There you can also see a fixed installation with a laser light projector, visible across the whole hall, projecting graphic animation powered by Pangolin laser software.

“The visitors and kids love it! “. Watch the video here: